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Writing a Successful Persuasive Essay | December 9, 2011

To write a successful persuasive essay, first you need to be clear and have the knowledge of what such an essay is. Persuasive essay is not like other essays in which we start by giving an introduction to the topic first. Rather it is a type of writing which intends to captivate the reader and convince him about some point. The basic purpose of writing this type of writing is that the reader must feel convinced about the argument, when he or she finishes reading.

Tips for writing a successful persuasive essay

Given below are a few tips on writing this kind of essay successfully.

1.      The starting of the essay must be very appealing to the reader. It is because the writer just has the first few lines in which he can grasp the attention of the readers. So, the first few lines of the introduction paragraph have to be very captivating. It is a normal fashion that the first paragraph in such kind of essays starts with an example or a practical incident. You may narrate a story or start with a headline form a newspaper. In this way, the reader is attracted to read the first few lines and then is compelled to read onwards.

2.      Apart from the introduction, the body of the persuasive essays needs to be very appropriately written. While the reader is reading the whole thing, he should not get bored or tired of going through plain text. Rather, each sentence must be written on purpose and must compel the reader to continue to read on.

3.      Consider facts and examples as your friends while writing these types of essays. The more realistic examples you narrate, the more are the chances of the reader to get convinced from your writing. You also have to talk about stuff that is practical and do not build castles in the air. Always try to relate each example with your topic at the end of that example.

4.      Idioms and phrases give a great impact on the reader. Try to use words with intensity and relate them together with different idioms and phrases.

5.      The ending paragraph must be conclusive about the whole discussion. The best way to end such a type of writing is to leave the reader with a question at the end of the essay. In this way the reader ponders over the discussion for a few seconds even after reading the whole article.


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