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Scientific medical research | December 15, 2011

Pfizer Inc. funded the trial through an investigator- initiated research grant. The New York-based company, the world’s largest drugmaker, doesn’t manufacture or sell (PFE) devices for sleep apnea and wasn’t involved in the design, conduct or analysis of the study, the researchers said.

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Snoring Men Get Heart Benefits When Breathing Mask Improves Sleep in Study

A face mask used to treat a
nighttime breathing disorder called obstructive sleep apnea can
reduce a patient’s blood pressure, cholesterol and stomach fat,
potentially improving their heart health, researchers found.

The condition affects as many as 18 million Americans,
primarily men, and is often first recognized by the patient’s
partner. It is marked by a brief collapse of the airway, which
leads the patient to stop breathing for a few seconds until the
brain sends a signal to wake up. The result is a fractured night’s
sleep, daytime drowsiness and a host of health issues.




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