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Literacy and Numeracy Targets in School | December 16, 2011

The Independent made a research with results that are pretty sad for society, which wants to be well and high educated. Government target is getting 60 per cent of their pupils to read and write by the age of 11, one of eight schools fails at that.

Another failing field for schools is maths, schools can teach only three of five pupils to reach standard, planned result. In all, 1,310 schools are today being singled out for failing.

Primary school league tables published the other day show that one in ten boys leave primary school with the reading age of just a seve-year-old.

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Another great story is about our old friend – Large Handron Collider:

Confirmation that scientists have found the Higgs boson, the greatest trophy in particle physics, could come “very soon” in the New Year, it was claimed today.

atest results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) show “strong hints” of the subatomic particle which is believed to explain the mystery of mass.

Dubbed the “God Particle”, the Higgs boson is the last missing piece in the leading theory – known as the Standard Model – that describes how particles and forces interact to make the world we see around us.

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