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How to deal with college stress | June 15, 2012


       Some people, especially those who are still looking forward to join college might find this topic rather discouraging. This is mostly because they have always been fed with fairy tales concerning the kind of fun a person usually has in college. It is therefore very sad that hardly anyone will prepare them on the kind of stress one is bound to face once in a while. However, it is only fair that we explore a few miraculous, tested and approved ways of dealing with stress.

         First and very important, accept that you are stressed. This means you have overcome the nightmare referred to as denial. Having such a good platform, there are several things you can do depending on which works for you.

  • You could decide to talk to some one. Kindly make sure it is a person who provides an environment for you to empty whatever is stressing you.
  • You could take refreshing body exercises. Through this, the body is believed to release endorphins improving a persons mood greatly therefore reducing stress.
  • Be good to yourself at all times and love yourself for who you are.
  • Build a wall of good things around you. This means you surround yourself with the right kind of people and environment.
  • Take time to have leisure activities in order to have joy and recreate your spirit. This really helps you to reduce stress.

         To conclude, ensure that your body gets enough share of rest. This can be achieved by making sure you relax yourself. Activities such as listening to soothing music, conscious breathing, spending time with people you love and meditation could really help.


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