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How technology has changed education | July 2, 2012


      Technology is one of those things that should officially be branded a nickname “magic worker.” Well, that might sound as a very extreme suggestion but am sure those that have researched how much technology is transforming everything would agree with this suggestion. Am sure even education itself would not mind to know that it is not the only one technology has changed. The communication industry, transport industry, the list is endless. All are victims of technological advancements. Looking at education today and ten years ago, the difference is amazing.

       It is actually unbelievable and out of this world. A few years ago, teachers used to write on a black board with chalk. A few more years back, a pointer was used to write on the ground. From the blackboard, technology moved them to a white board where marker pen is used. White boards are still in use but magnetic boards are a big competition. All the teacher needs is a magnetic pen and no dust is produced. Even before the magnetic boards got to all educational centres, competition has already set in.

      Teachers prefer to use PowerPoint presentations as opposed to any other method. On the side of students, things have become more fascinating. Instead of going to the library to carry bulky books, students access all the material they require online. They hand in their assignments in soft copies as opposed to having them printed and bulky. Registration of students is done online as well as applying for places in new educational institution.


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