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How to Prepare for an Exam | July 18, 2012


           Despite what everyone says about it in the world today, it is always prestigious and nice if a student excels in his or her exams. So many things have been said about exams, some even that exams aren’t very good ways of gauging students’ intelligence and should therefore be scrapped off altogether, but the good thing about it all is that they have never had a bearing. Exams are good, perhaps not great, but they are in general good in gauging the level of competitiveness in a student and making them work hard in order to get the best out of themselves in schools and colleges.

            Exams should be passed by students, and hence there is need for good preparation of the same. The first and foremost thing that any student desiring to pass exams should endeavor to do is to study well. The student shouldn’t leave any stone unturned insofar as the subject matter taught in class is concerned. This is important as it gives the student in question a good base with which to approach the past revision papers as well as helping him know what the teacher or lecturer requires of him.

            Another thing that will surely be of help to students preparing for exams is a good study timetable. The study timetable should be good in the sense that it should be balanced in the time allocation and it must encompass all subjects of study and not only those that the students find comfortable to study. While studying, it is also recommended that students make short notes of what they are reading. This has been known to have a long-lasting effect in helping the students commit what they read to memory. Other important factors could be that the students need to eat and sleep well throughout the period of their study, but more importantly during the exam period. This is very important for them as it will keep them fresh and ready for the next hurdle. Once this is done, the basic assumption being that the students will write and present themselves well in the exam room, the students can surely expect to do well in their exams.


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