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The Effectiveness of Online Homework | August 1, 2012


Over the years the reason why we go to school in the first place has been to have efficient and effective solutions to almost every other problem. As far as I am concerned education contributes most to the development of new ideas and instilling knowledge into the young generation. Unfortunately some schools still use the traditional and conservative ways of teaching, yet technology, which is mothered by education, is on its rise. Although there have been adaption of some changes into the education system, in some places they still use the very ancient methods like the use of chalk boards an such like.

There’s one interesting phenomenon that is lately on action and I have to say it has its own implications so to speak. Almost every other activity that involves evaluation including interviews has become paperless. In fact doing things online is the order of the day. However the issue of having online home works has over time remained a bone of contention among the stakeholders. First of all, there is internet everywhere, so whether you give the homework online or otherwise the students are likely to lift text information from the web and paste it or handwrite the same. Maybe the only difference is if the teachers use plagiarism detectors for the online work.

In my opinion, the online home work is not as effective as not every student can afford a computer. On the other hand, I believe school and its crude ways of teaching are in place to prepare one for the tougher responsibilities that waits. Anyway for the purposes of education to all and the economies involved I strongly believe that online work should serve as a good way to keep the scholars involved as opposed to the limitations in terms of the number of tests involved if the teachers have to administer and mark every script.


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