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Bachelor of Science vs. Bachelor of Arts: What’s the difference? | August 18, 2012



          Interestingly only a language was used to differentiate between a Bachelor of arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. The students who studied Latin as part of their degree received a Bachelor of Arts degree, while those that did not study it were conferred a bachelor of science. Today this basic principle used to differentiate the two degrees eases the awarding of degrees. A bachelors of arts creates an opportunity for students who want to specialize in nontraditional careers to widen their scope by understanding other areas.

            A student can start with it before specializing in a science oriented course. For example a B.A in biology can prepare the student to specialize in biology and become a high school teacher. However, a student still has an opportunity to specialize and become a nurse or lawyer after the B.A foundation. It is for this reason that some science departments create a Bachelor of Arts addition to complement their degree.

            Meanwhile, a bachelor of science is considered tougher by most scientists. It specializes in math and science allowing the student to develop skills in scientific analysis and scientific application of science principles. A higher resolution of mathematical reasoning and problem solving in natural and social situations also increases.

            A computer science degree for example mostly falls under both B.A and B.S it is up to the student to decide what their interest is and decide what foundation they want for their career. A B.A in computer science mainly entails complex computer applications and media oriented issues. A B.A in computer science is characterized by software and hardware design and development. The decision of the route to take between the two degrees lies in the student and depends on their interest and passion of the course they choose. 


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