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Thinking about studying abroad? | August 18, 2012


People jump into a plane heading for studies overseas without thinking first. A lot of thinking needs to be employed before this happens. Many consider it a life changing experience but we need to agree that it is not something you just follow up without critically evaluating it. the idea of studying abroad can be very appealing at all times but with an increasing number of students going abroad for studies, it can be hard to know what to pursue. Your decision needs to be broken down into small parts such as financial, academic and personal.

With these basic components of a sound academic decision, you can now move on to decide. From an academic perspective, you need to know that the major reason for being in college is to get a degree. If for example you are majoring in French literature, a semester or two in France might do you a lot of good. If on the other hand your degree is lab based such as nursing, being away from the lab for a semester might be dangerous. Before making a decision on whether to go abroad for studies or not, then consider the effects going will have on your studies.

In the light of a financial angle of looking at things, each school is governed by certain policies. These policies are usually meant to protect the individuals who study there and the institution as well. Some institutions will still expect that you pay the fees there while you take a semester elsewhere. The question you need to address is whether you are ready to meet the double costs. The other part to consider is the personal gains and influences. You need to really asses yourself. Can you still excel away from home? Which experiences do you stand to gain? Are you really comfortable being a foreigner? Be honest to yourself.


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